Mobile device with BitBox and open Pocket integration on the screen

New Pocket Integration in BitBoxApp

Thanks to our new partnership with Shift Crypto, it is now possible to use Pocket directly from the BitBoxApp. It's now even easier and more secure to stack bitcoin directly into your BitBox02. 🥞

Stack directly into your BitBox02

As of today, you can find Pocket directly behind the Buy Bitcoin function of your BitBoxApp. With the integration developed jointly by Shift and Pocket, it is now particularly easy to connect your BitBox02 to your bank account once. This allows you to stack bitcoin directly into your wallet at any time with a simple bank transfer to Pocket.

Screenshot of the Pocket widget
Pocket is now integrated directly into the BitBoxApp.

Easier and cheaper

Buying bitcoin directly into your BitBox02 just got easier. You no longer need to switch back and forth between the Pocket website and the BitBoxApp thanks to the new integration. Your bitcoin address for receiving your bitcoin is transferred to Pocket at the touch of a button. This way, you can get to your Pocket bank account, which you can use to buy bitcoin, in just a few steps.

Screenshot of the address transfer in the Pocket widget
With just a few clicks, your bitcoin address is transmitted to Pocket.

The unique thing is that you only have to set up Pocket once. You can then transfer money to your personal Pocket bank account as often as you like to make bitcoin purchases. You can even set up a standing order and make use of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). All this at a lower fee of 1.5% and at the most current and attractive bitcoin exchange rate.

Additional security

The deep integration into the BitBoxApp now also allows a more secure setup of Pocket. BitBox02 displays your bitcoin address in the setup process for visual verification. This way you can make sure that the bitcoin address sent to Pocket really comes from your BitBox02. This additional check is always recommended when dealing with bitcoin transactions, as once bitcoin transactions have been executed, they cannot be reversed.

Furthermore, thanks to the integration, it is even easier to share an entire account of your wallet, the so-called xpub, in addition to a single bitcoin address. By doing this, you will always receive your bitcoin paid out to new, unused bitcoin addresses. With regular bitcoin stacking, you maintain more privacy from the bitcoin network, as your bitcoin purchases cannot be easily attributed to a single bitcoin address.

Screenshot of different bitcoin addresses in the Pocket widget
Always receive your bitcoin on a new, unused bitcoin address.

Try it now and get +10k Satoshis

To celebrate this new partnership, we're teaming up with Shift Crypto to offer a bonus of 10,000 satoshis on all first-time transactions via the new BitBoxApp integration. This promotion ends on March 15th, 2023.

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