What are order and payout statuses?


With Pocket you can create single or recurring orders. Once an order is created it's visible on the home screen with one of the following statuses:


A recurring order will always be visible on the home screen and it will maintain its active status (unless cancelled). Every received payment belonging to a specific recurring order will be processed without affecting the order status.

Waiting for payment

Once a single order is created, it will be visible on the home screen until the corresponding payment is received and processed.


Every time a payment is received by our system, regardless of the order type, a new Payout will be available on the history screen, with one of the following statuses:

Bitcoin purchased

A payment has been received and it has successfully been processed and converted into bitcoin. The corresponding amount of bitcoin is now scheduled to be delivered until the end of the day (after 20:00 CET).

Bitcoin received

Your bitcoin have been paid out and sent to your wallet. At that point they should already be visible in your bitcoin wallet.


A payment has been received but it couldn't get exchanged into bitcoin. A refund has been instructed and the payment should bounce back to your bank account in a few days.

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Congratulations! 🥳

Your bank payment arrived and was successfully exchanged into bitcoin.

Your bitcoin are soon on the way to your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin purchase

Bank payment:EUR 100.00

Purchased:BTC 0.00435850

Exchange rate:EUR 22,599.90 / BTC