Claudio Koller · 3/9/2023

Where does the Term «HODL» come from?

The term «HODL» is one of the most popular memes in the bitcoin community. One quickly comes across it when dealing with bitcoin. In this article, we will explain where the meme «HODL» came from.

Where does the Meme «HODL» come from and what is its Meaning?

The term «HODL» traces back to a typo made by a user on the bitcoin forum «bitcointalk» in 2013.

In January, the price was below $15 for one bitcoin at that time. In early December, the same year, the digital asset soared to a high of over $1,100. A few days later, on Dec. 18, 2013, the bitcoin price fell nearly 40 percent in 24 hours, from $720 to $440.

This prompted a forum member with the nickname «GameKyuubi» to post that he had no plans to sell his bitcoin, but would continue to hold it, knowing he would never catch the right entry and exit point anyway.

Since he had already had a few glasses when writing the text and was therefore heavily drunk, he made a small typo in the headline that would later go down in bitcoin history. «I AM HOLDING» became the famous «I AM HODLING.»

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