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What is a Business Cycle?

Many people learn about the term "business cycle" during their school years or through the financial media, but what is it really and why is it such a significant indicator in the financial industry?

What is the Business Cycle?

The business cycle is an important indicator of the health of an economy. It describes the periodic process of ups and downs in economic growth, unemployment, inflation and corporate profits.

Business Cycle in Three Phases

A business cycle consists of three phases: Upswing, Recession and Depression.

1st Phase - Upswing

In the upswing phase, economic growth increases and labor market activity increases. Companies make higher profits and consumers are willing to spend more money, which leads to an increase in demand.

2nd Phase - Recession

Recession occurs when economic growth decreases and unemployment increases. Companies cut back on spending and investment, which leads to a decrease in demand and a decrease in profits.

3rd Phase - Depression

In depression, stagnation continues and unemployment remains high. Companies do not expect the economy to recover quickly and do not have major investment plans.

Business Cycle Part of the Economic System

The business cycle is a natural part of the economic system and can be influenced by a number of factors such as political decisions, changes in interest rates, and global trade. It is important to understand that each business cycle can be different from the previous cycles.

Business Cycle and Bitcoin

The business cycle also has an impact on bitcoin. The digital asset is known for its volatility and rapid price movements, some of which can be attributed to the business cycle.

Depending on the economic cycle, investors react differently and turn away from traditional investments such as stocks, real estate, gold and bonds. This may lead them to invest in alternative assets such as bitcoin to diversify their wealth portfolio.


It is important to note that bitcoin is still very young and unpredictable. Therefore, it is still difficult to judge how Bitcoin will react to different economic cycles. That's why it's important to thoroughly weigh the risk when investing in bitcoin, what your risk tolerance is and your investment horizon.

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