@vesparny · 5/25/2023

External wallet support in the Pocket app

Is it annoying having to manually move funds to your hardware wallet once in a while?

We've got you covered. We are happy to introduce two of the most wanted features:

  • 🔑 You can now stack sats directly into any external bitcoin wallet
  • ♻️ While creating a recurring order it's now possible to share the XPUB of your wallet (if you want) and receive every new payout to a fresh new Bitcoin address

Both features are completely opt-in and they will become available only if the «advanced buy options» is activated in advanced settings.

How does it work?

Simply create a new order indicating the Bitcoin address where you want to receive your payout. In the following example we will use a hardware wallet connected to Electrum, but the same concepts apply to any other wallet.

Screenshot of the Pocket app
To set up an external bitcoin wallet in the Pocket app, you must first share the address of the selected wallet.
  • Copy/scan the bitcoin address where you want to receive your sats
  • Paste it in the address field in the Pocket app and proceed to the next step
Screenshot of the Pocket app
Second, prove that the wallet is yours by signing the message.
  • The app will show you a message and you'll need to sign it using Electrum (right click on the address > Sign/verify message)
  • Paste the signature in the Signature field in the Pocket app
  • Confirm and create the new order

Your order is now set and you can proceed sending the payment from your bank account as usual. The corresponding payout will be sent to your external wallet. 🙂

XPUB sharing

In the case of recurring orders, receiving payouts to the same bitcoin address is not ideal. Since all transactions are public on the bitcoin network, sending different transactions to the same address link them together.

You'll have the option to share the XPUB of your wallet, so you'll receive every new payout to a fresh unused address.

This feature is opt-in because you might not want to share the XPUB with us. So if you want to use it you'll have to activate it in the advanced settings.

We do care about your privacy and that's the reason why the app won't accept an XPUB from wallets already used before or in the case the address you want to receive to is not the first address derived from the XPUB. This is to make sure you do not unintentionally share with us the transaction history of a wallet you already used.

Screenshot of the Pocket app
To make sure all payouts are sent to new bitcoin addresses share your XPUB.

An easier way with the Pocket web service

The same functionalities are also available via our web service. It's probably easier for you to stack Bitcoin on an external wallet via our website. The handling, signing of messages and sharing of XPUBs can be made more user-friendly on a website.

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