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Announcing the Pocket Developer API

It is our pleasure today to officially introduce the new Pocket Bitcoin API and at the same time announce our first API user Bitkipi!

  • Do you offer a bitcoin app that should be fundable with bitcoin?
  • Do you want to be able to set up and manage your bitcoin purchases via a Telegram bot?
  • Want to create a whole new approach to analyze and display your bitcoin stacking?

No matter what your idea is.

With the new Pocket Bitcoin API it will only take you minutes to deeply integrate one-off or recurring purchases of bitcoin into your service and create an additional revenue stream at the same time.

Totally transparent.

You take care of the core of your product and we take care of all the rest in the background.

The API in a nutshell

With the Pocket Bitcoin API, set up orders for your users and pass them their personal payment details.

Just like when buying through Pocket directly, the user must have full control over their receiving Bitcoin address or their extended public key (xpub) and need to confirm that with a digital signature.

curl "" \
-H "Authorization: client_id [CLIENT_ID]" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{ \
"active": true, \
"fee_rate": 0.03, \
"payment_method": { \
"currency": "chf", \
"debitor_iban": "DE75512108001245126199" \
}, \
"payout_method": { \
"bitcoin_address": "1LHhyNHEYeHH7f8WDMUUzzSCcog1Vj1YDb", \
"message": "test", \
"signature": "H+rxZHwPrclVMeDwGc6GjuO2h6cTXAao18DD07iDofRYaGce08zS+f/JCb6vXjrz0Eb03fTIsmkrxU0U0Bl1p9M=" \
} \

As soon as the user's payment arrives, your service will be notified in real-time using Pocket Webhooks. You'll receive notifications for all relevant events during processing until the bitcoin are received on the receiving Bitcoin address.

Bitkipi is our first API user

We're happy to be offering our new API from the first hour of announcing it to an upcoming bitcoin project.

Pocket Bitcoin and Bitkipi logo
Figure: Pocket Bitcoin and Bitkipi logo

Bitkipi is a new mobile bitcoin-only wallet, developed in Switzerland for the entire European market.

It deeply integrates the ability to buy Bitcoin once or with a standing order into the user experience, making these features particularly beginner-friendly.

At the same time, it offers some exciting advanced features, allowing it to grow with the needs of its users.

Build on the Pocket Bitcoin API

Do you already have an idea for your own product that could make use of the Pocket Bitcoin API or do you just want to try out the API? Then contact us.

Soon we will offer you more tools with which you can create your API keys, webhooks and events all on your own.

With our ongoing rollout of SEPA Instant and our Lightning integration coming soon, the API will also become more and more powerful.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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